A caleidoscope of mediterranean and eastern melodies, a vibrant energy of exotic rhythms. The band is membered by Misirli Ahmet (Egyptian Tabla and Turkish Dohola) and Norayr Barseghyan (duduk, clarner, zourna- Armenia).


The band’s name is orininated from the original Eastern musical rythm- 7/8. It sounds rather special to our ear, as the European music is mainly based on even rhythms : 4/4, 6/8 etc. But it is the eastern music that, due to its musical pitch, brings the human soul to  special meditative moods.
The musicians are not trying to be expressively authentic; they rather work in the easy-to-recognize Eastern musical style.  The vivid Armenian, Turkish music, as well as Bulgarian, Croatian and Serbian motives are inspired and originated in the Middle East and the Mediterranean. The band is using original arrangements. 



Q: Why is the Band largely dwelling upon the music from the Middle East?


A: The Middle East can be called a cradle of human civilization and many musical traditions, such as the Armenian one, did preserve the forms and traditions of the pre-Christian era. We think it is greately important to understand and research it for a better understanding of the recent movements in arts and in music. 

Seven Eight Band

(international band)