“In every aspect of music, Sirunyan is increasingly a force to be reckoned with and Serpendity is a magnificent success.”Karl Ackermann


Born and raised in the city of Yerevan, Armenia, by the age of seven, Arshak Sirunyan’s natural musical talent had already come to the attention of one of the leading musical academies in Armenia. Studying classical piano and graduating from Komitas State Conservatory, where he concentrated on Composition and Piano Performance, Arshak has composed classical and contemporary compositions for vocal, piano, clarinet, string quartet and symphonic orchestra. Arshak's latest project “Hoodman’s Blind” features multi Grammy Award winning & nominated musicians, including Mike Stern, Omar Hakim, Eric Marienthal, Chieli Minucci, Bob Franceschini, Raul Pineda, Cheikh NDoye, John Lamkin III, Arto Tuncboyaciyan & more. Released on March 2nd, 2014, the album was quoted on All About Jazz “...to be one of the most unique and compelling releases of the year!” winning 1st place simultaneously in TWO categories of 2014 International Songwriting Competition: track “Hoodman’s Blind” in Jazz and track “Valor & Triumph” in Instrumental. Meanwhile, Arshak and the project were nominated in 3 categories in the 14th Independent Music Awards: ‘Jazz Instrumental Album’, ‘Jazz Instrumental Song’ (“Hoodman’s Blind”) and ‘Music Producer’ (with Cheikh NDoye / associate producer) of the year.




Q: Does music help you connect with your “higher” self? 

A: I believe in “dimensions” and I think there is invisible energy around us which absorbs all the negative and positive thoughts and emotions projecting from us. We transfer and acquire that energy all the time. When I play, I know I’m “somewhere” because I feel that energy down in my spine. There is no definite clarification of the process when I’m ‘there”, it’s beyond my understanding. So I want to leave it like that and not try to analyze too much. At the end, to me the relationship between me and my “Higher Self” in music is the translation of all my unspoken thoughts and the hidden feelings by the music itself.

Arshak Sirunyan

(pianist, composer - USA)