“….Ethno jazz of the highest level…” SRF2 Kultur


  Authentic Light Orchestra was founded by in 2009 by Valeri Tolstov, a multi-instrumentalist. The idea was to combine different musical genres such as jazz, rock, elements of Armenian folk and modern classics. The band does not specifically emphasize any of the above mentioned genres. All of them are harmonically supplementing each other , producing a unique sound and original interpretation of Armenian folk. ​

  A.L.O. consist of musicians that are famous for performing in well- known venues like Carnegie Hall, Tonhalle Zurich etc. and on world- renowed music festivals such as North Sea Jazz, Jazz Baltica, Montreal Jazz Festival etc. Lots of them are winners of many competitions such as Montreux Jazz piano competition. 

  In 2016 A.L.O. recorded a soundtrack with Serj Tankian (System of a Down) for a Hollywood movie "The Promise". The soundtrack was recorded with Authentic Light Orchestra and String Orchestra in Moscow at Mosfilm studio. ​

  In 2016 Authentic Light Orchestra received the first Russian World Music Award.​

At present, the band is working on the new album and plans to release it by the end of 2017.



Q: What is your inspiration in life and in music?


A: The main source of our musical inspiration is the Armenian culture per se, since it encounters centuries of existence and is largely undiscovered. The ancient truths are universal and very viable; they are easily integrated in the contemporary musical context. As for the daily inspirations- watching and observing life itself is the most fascinating thing, indeed.

Authentic Light Orchestra

(Switzerland, Russia, Armenia)